1. Once your account is approved, please login to your dashboard at trafficstars.com and select “manage ad spots” to add your website and ad spots. 
  2. Please add a name for your website (site.com) as well as the full URL (http://www.site.com). Ensure that there is nothing following .com as this will result in an error. If you have more than 10 websites to add, please contact publishing@trafficstars.com for support on how to best set this up. 
  3. In order for your website to be approved, you need to add an ad spot. Your website will then go into pending mode until our compliance team reviews it - please allow up to 1 day for site approval. 
  4. Select a name for your ad spot and the relevant dimensions. Once you are ready to start sending traffic, please email publishing@trafficstars.com and wait for confirmation that your ad spot is active. 
  5. Once you have completed this setup, please copy iFrame/JS/direct link code and paste it into the source code of your page. Please tick ‘categories’ when copying the code and pass us relevant tags / keywords / video title in the {category} parameter, as this will positively affect your eCPM’s. 

Allow up to one hour to start seeing statistics in the platform. 

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