How to add a website?

Please login to your Publisher’s dashboard at and go to “Manage ad spots” section to add your new website and create ad spots.

Then click on [Create Site] button (on the right), complete “Name” field with your website name and add a direct “URL” with the address of your web. Save it.

Your website will now go to Pending status until our compliance team reviews it.

Once your website has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email and can start using the adspots linked to it.

Important: to get your first website approved make sure you fill in all mandatory fields on your profile: Account Details & Billing information sections.

How to add new ad spots?

In Ad Spots List tab click on [Create Ad Spot] button and choose the relevant adformat.

Choose a website for which you are creating the adspot;

Name it properly to help advertisers understand where the ad spot is placed;

Select adformat and apply Compliance rules if necessary.

To start traffic monetization, copy the given code (iFrame/JS/direct link) and implement it into the code of your webpage.

Use Ad Setup Help instructions for developers, available on your account, to find more custom parameters for TrafficStars codes.

Contact your Account Manager from the chatbox on your account or if you have further questions.

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