How do I add compliance rules?
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Please login to your dashboard at and select “Manage Ad Spots”.

In the ad spot list, click on the edit button next to the ad spot you want to edit and deselect any campaign elements which you would not like to appear on your website.

Important: The more rules you allow the better rates you get, so we recommend deselecting flags when it's necessary. Deselecting too many elements may negatively affect your rates.

If you care about staying compliant with Google regulations, you can set Google compliant rules per spot with 1 click on “Google Compliant creatives only” - that will deselect all non-compliant flags for your adspot. These flags are highlighted in red.

We provide an option to keep showing these ads on browsers that are not included in “Better Ads Coalition” to get more campaigns bidding for his traffic.

If you encounter any compliance quesitons - please send your email to 

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