Everyone is talking about Google’s Better Ads Experience Program and how it will affect publishers like you. We’re here to tell you that TrafficStars has you covered. Here’s what you should do to keep compliant.


Our powerful, proprietary ad serving technology allows you to quickly and easily prohibit non-compliant ads from your site. Our team of compliance experts review every single banner to identify misleading elements from ads and apply the relevant flags to the system, according to our interpretation of the conditions outlined by Google. 

Here is exactly what you need to do to prevent “misleading” banner ads from being served on your site and remain fully compliant with Google’s “misleading ads” policy.

You simply need to untick the following rules which we have interpreted as not being compliant with the new standards of Google within your publisher account.

The rules represent the type of ads you want on your website. By default all rules are selected when you create a new ad spot in our system. By unticking a box, ads which fit that description will not be displayed on your website.

  1. Log into your publisher account

  2. Click on Manage Ad Spots from the drop down menu

  3. Click on the blue Edit button next to the ad spot you want to edit

Here you will find a list of rules which you can tick and untick depending on what types of ads you want to be displayed on your site.

To remain compliant with Google’s new advertising standards, you need to UNTICK some rules. To make your life easier, we’ve added a quick selection tool called “Google Friendly creatives only”. 

By clicking this button, the following items will be automatically blocked from your ad spot:

Misleading Ads

(everything except for animated / rotating / video / site mimicking should be removed)

  • Drop down menus or check boxes

  • Microsoft Windows Fake Elements

  • Fake Disclaimer

  • Fake video players

  • Fake play button

  • Fake Download Button

  • Fake Software update

  • Exit Button (as this refers to "fake" exit button)

  • Closing Button (as this refers to "fake" closing button)

  • Fake calls/messages/notification

  • Features that do not work

Low Ad Quality

(“Aggressive flashing” should be removed)

  • "Aggressive Flashing" - Ads that animate and “flash” with rapidly changing background and colours

Unticking these boxes will prevent ads containing any of the above flags which we have identified as not complying with Google’s regulations from being displayed on your site.



Native Ads are the best alternative to banner ads. Safe, less intrusive with amazing Click Through and Conversion Rates!

We have also released the new Native Ad format to all publishers, which are native ads delivered in a way that is consistent with the form, style and voice of the site they appear on. Therefore, they are less disruptive to users and in line with the industry-wide shift towards less misleading advertising and the Better Ads Experience Program.

If you haven’t already implemented Native Ads on your site, go native now!

  1. Log into your publisher account

  2. Click on Manage Ad Spots from the drop down menu

  3. Click Create Ad Spot

  4. Select add the Ad Spot Name, Site, Device and choose the “Native” drop down option for Select Ad Format

  5. Select the parameters of the Native Widget

  6. Don’t forget to preview the layout to see how it will look

  7. Implement the widget code on your site to start earning with our compliant native ads!

  8. We recommend that you use CSS settings in order to make the native ads truly fit within your website - please contact publishing@trafficstars.com for a tool to help you set this up.

Video Pre-Roll Ad Format

Scared of losing revenue from popunders? This is the new money maker - we already have a significant demand for this format

We now offer the Video Pre-roll Ad format, which is a video that plays before the content and allows the user to skip the ad after a number of seconds. This perfectly fits in line with Google’s ad formats on YouTube and therefore is considered to be non-intrusive and user-friendly.

Full Page Interstitial Ad Format

Another full page, new alternative to popunders

We also now offer the Full Page Interstitial Ad Format, which is a full screen ad (a 900x600 banner on desktop or a 300x250 banner on mobile), which is served between two pages of content, so appears after the click on a link and before the desired page loads.



We understand the implications of these changes to publishers, which is why we’re here to help you, every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing publishing@trafficstars.com with any questions, hesitations or concerns you may have.

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