TrafficStars is a self-serve Ad Network. To create a campaign, please log in to your account and click on “Create Campaign” here

On the campaign creation page, you will find the following tabs:

Settings, Targeting, Scheduling, Audience, Pricing and Ads


Give a name to your campaign, choose the desired category targeting, ad format and countries.

The campaign name is important to help you quickly identify a campaign’s format, vertical, websites, etc.

We recommend setting up a name such as: “PRODUCT - COUNTRY - SITE - AD SPOT”.

The category selection tool allows you to match your campaign to only certain video categories – which allows you to create ads that cater to specific audiences. Unless you have already done some testing or are promoting an audience specific product, target all categories to avoid limiting your ability of receiving traffic.

In the Ad Format selection, you’ll be able to choose between Popunder, different formats of banners, Push notifications, as well as Native, Video pre-roll and Redirect.

Now select the countries you’d like to target – type their names on the search bar and choose as many as you want or use the quick selection tool to target all countries in Tier 1, 2 or 3.

Finally, use the Ad Group tool to organize your campaigns as you see fit – if you haven’t created an Ad Group yet, you’ll be able to do so in the Campaign Listing page.


On the targeting tab you will find our powerful targeting tools, which will help you segment your campaign.

The following parameters are available: Languages, Devices, Operating Systems, Browsers, Carriers, IP Ranges and Retargeting.

The language selection tool will allow you to target users navigating using specific language settings – this is helpful to target only English speakers living abroad, for example.

With the Devices, Operating Systems, Browsers and Carriers selection tools, you will be able to further segment your campaign – for example, target only users using android mobile devices, navigating with Chrome browser on a certain telephone carrier, or only using Wi-fi.

The IP Range tool is a way to target or exclude specific Internet Service Providers in the targeting of a campaign, by providing a list of IP addresses.


On the scheduling tab you will find:

  • Day Parting – choose during which hours a campaign should run and during which days of the week. Remember to choose the correct time zone as well! You can easily select the whole column of a certain hour, or the whole row of a certain day, select all, or deselect all. Or you can use the quick selection tool to target working hours, day or night.

  • Start/End date - choose the starting and ending dates and hours for the campaign. Remember to choose the correct time zone as well.


Select the websites in which you would like your ad to appear. You can choose between RON - Run Of Network - or Prime 

On RON, target all available ad spots for the chosen ad format. You can then blacklist or whitelist websites using the domain tool.

On Prime, choose only the specific websites and ad spots you would like to target.


Choose the desired pricing model: CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click). Please note that CPC is not available for popunder campaigns.

When using CPM, you can also choose between Standard and Dynamic CPM.

The Dynamic CPM tool lets you set a maximum CPM bid and let our algorithm do the bidding for you 24/7.

You can see the minimum bid here for the geo, ad format and device that you have selected, as well as an estimated top bid. For more information on the bidding structure, please contact your account manager or the support team who will be happy to give you insight into the competition breakdown of a specific auction.

You can also set up a maximum daily budget for your campaign on this tab.


Under the Ads tab you’ll be able to upload your creatives and URL and set up priority and frequency capping.

Priority means which banners will have a higher probability of being shown to users. This tool works with a weight system, so the higher the number you choose, the more your ad will be shown.

Frequency Capping allows you to choose how many times you want to show your ad to a unique visitor during a 24h period. Remember that a low cap may lead to less impressions on your campaign.

Make sure you’ve selected all settings as desired and save your campaign.

Once you have created your campaign and your account is funded, our compliance department will review it, and if approved, the campaign will be automatically published.

As always the TrafficStars team are on hand to help with any further questions you may have, so please contact your account manager or the support team.

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