TrafficStars S2S allows you to:

  • track leads on TrafficStars platform

  • track ROI and Earnings

  • optimise ad campaigns directly through TrafficStars stats

Track Leads on TrafficStars platform

STEP 1: To use TrafficStars Server to Server (S2S) tracking you will need to receive a unique click_id parameter and send it back to us.

To do so, first, you need to place our Postback URL in the tracker/affiliate network.

Here is our Postback URL:{yourclickid}

{yourclickid} parameter should be replaced with the click id parameter, which is unique for each tracker (tracker’s support can provide you with your click id).

Once it is replaced, the Postback URL should be placed in the tracker (please check with your tracker’s support if you need assistance).

STEP 2: You need to create a Tracking URL

You need to take the URL of the offer and add dynamic parameters to the link.

To track leads, the main parameter to add is:


Here’s an example :{yourclickid}&some_another_param=test

When you run a campaign, we will dynamically replace {click_id} for every click, which will look like this:

STEP 3: To have a better overview from where your conversions are coming, you can add dynamic parameters to your tracking URL. You can find our dynamic parameters here:

The first parameter usually starts with ? and the rest - with &

Example of Tracking URL with dynamic parameters:{campaign_id}&creative_id={creative_id}&categories={categories}&keyword={keywords}&referrer={referrer}&site_id={site_id}&site_url={site_host}&ip={ip}&geo={geo}&pricing_model={pricing_model}&cost={cost}&click_id={click_id}

Where - body of the URL (URL of the offer)

And ?campid={campaign_id}&creative_id={creative_id}&categories={categories}&keyword={keywords}&referrer={referrer}&site_id={site_id}&site_url={site_host}&ip={ip}&geo={geo}&pricing_model={pricing_model}&cost={cost}&click_id={click_id} - parameters

With some of the top trackers we have auto-integration, you just need to choose TrafficStars as a Traffic Source and follow the instructions of the tracker.

Track ROI and Earnings on TrafficStars platform

To track ROI and Earnings on TrafficStars platform, the steps are the same as described above, the difference is that the Postback URL will have one more parameter:{click_id}?value={payout}

where both {click_id} and{payout} parameters have to be replaced with the corresponding parameters of the tracker.

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