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Classic Push Notifications
How to create push ad campaign?
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Push Notifications are alerts that pop up on the mobile or desktop screen and prompt the user to take an action.

Push Notification consists of 4 elements:

  1. Icon

  2. Image

  3. Title

  4. Body

Classic Push layouts

The appearance of classic push notifications varies by browser and operating system.

Chrome Windows

Chrome Windows 10

Chrome Android

Chrome Mac

Firefox Mac

Firefox Windows

How to create Push campaign?

  1. Go to “Create Campaign” section on your account

  2. Choose Ad format Push

  3. Choose Push format option - Classic

  4. Choose your targeting

  5. Go to the Creatives tab. Upload an icon and image. Then type in Title, Body and paste the URL to your offer.

💡 Title and icon are the most important. These are shown on all devices.

💡 Priority - when adding multiple creatives to 1 campaign, you can specify the display priority for each of them.

💡 Frequency capping per day - is the number of impressions per day for a unique user.

Technical recommendations

  • We require one icon in 192x192 and an optional second, larger image in 360x240

  • We suggest the body to be no more than 80 characters.

  • Title must be 30 characters maximum.

Benefits of push ads:

  • Noticeable - Push Notification are very hard to ignore as they pop up directly on user's screen.

  • Engaging - Resembling a message, Push Notifications allow you to communicate to website visitors.

  • Unobtrusive - All users have given consent and have opted in to receive push notifications.

  • Effective - Pay only for engaged users on CPC model.

  • High CTR - click-through rate is 10 times higher compared to banner ads.

  • All devices. Get the user's attention on all devices and browsers.

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