Campaign creation

1. Log in to your account and click the "Create campaign" button.

2. Enter campaign name, choose Interstitial ad format and type (image or landing page).

3. Set up required targeting options: Country, Browser language, Device etc.

4. Go to the 'Audience and pricing' tab.

5. Select a pricing model (CPM, dCPM or CPA).

6. Set up your bid.

7. Open the 'Creatives' tab and upload your image.

There are 2 options for interstitial ads: landing page and image.

Landing page

For this type, you only paste the URL. No ad creatives needed.


For this type, you need to upload an image.

The recommended size of the image depends on the device:

  • Desktop and Tablet - 1600x900px

  • Mobile - 900x1600px

💡 Create a lightweight pre-landing page that, when clicked, will open the landing page in a new tab or window.

💡 Create separate campaigns for different devices and choose a banner with an appropriate size as above.

💡 You can use a larger image and crop it when uploading.

Add custom text fields (optional).

  • Headline (main text) - max 70 symbols.

  • Brand name (title) - max 25 symbols.

  • CTA button - max 15 symbols.

Here's how it will appear on the publishers websites:

9. Click Publish and wait for moderation approval. If the ad meets our guidelines, then the campaign will become active.

Advertising guidelines


  • No misleading elements (brand imitations, fake notifications, features).

  • Images must not be poor quality.

  • Images must accurately reflect the subject of the landing page.

  • Images must not be animated.

Brand Names:

  • Brand names text must accurately reflect the source of the content.

  • Brand names must not be misleading.

  • Brand names must use proper grammar and punctuation.

  • Brand names must not contain repeated punctuation or symbols.


  • Headlines must use proper grammar and punctuation.

  • Headlines must not be misleading and must accurately reflect the subject of the landing page.

  • Headlines must not be in all capital letters or contain excessive punctuation.


  • CTA must not be misleading and must accurately reflect the offer.

  • Allowed: Click Here, Watch Video, Visit Website, Register to Play.

  • CTA must not use any emojis.

Landing page:

  • No aggressive ads

  • There should be an opting out option

  • No JS pop ups on top of the active screen

  • No auto-sound

  • No auto download product

  • No auto redirects to mobile marketplace

  • No fake virus alerts

  • No scareware advertising tactics

  • No crypto mining

  • No compulsory push

  • No auto redirect

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