Full page Interstitial ad format has been introduced by TrafficStars in order to comply with Google’s Better Ads Standards.

Now you are able to launch Full Page Interstitial campaigns with 2 different Ad Types:

What is a Full page Interstitial Landing Page

Well tested Google compliant ad format, an alternative to popunders, which consists of a full-screen interactive landing page triggered on a specific user’s click.

The ad loads in between 2 pages of the content and can be immediately dismissed by the user as it contains an exit button on the top right of the ad. Thus, aligning it with Google’s better advertising standards by providing a non-intrusive and user-friendly experience.

Important! Include an eye-catchy Call to Action, which will make the user interact with your landing page while it is displayed.


  • Only direct, high quality publishers

  • Perfect alternative to Popunders

  • Google compliant trigger

  • Eye-catching format

How to create a campaign?

  1. Go to “Create Campaign” section on your account

  2. Choose Ad format Interstitial Full Page

  3. Go to “Ads” tab

  4. Under Ad Type choose the option Interstitial Landing Page

  5. Paste the URL to your landing page

Compliance requirements

  • No aggressive ads

  • There should be an opting out option

  • No JS pop ups on top of the active screen

  • No auto-sound

  • No auto download product

  • No auto redirects to mobile marketplace

  • No fake virus alerts

  • No scareware advertising tactics

  • No crypto mining

  • No compulsory push

  • No auto redirect

If you are a publisher and want to add an Interstitial ad to your website, follow this link and find our detailed guide.

Full Page Interstitial for Publishers

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