HTML5 is an interactive subtype of the banners which represent mini web applications of the banner size.

The rotation behavior does not differ from any other type of banner and can be considered as iFrame with only one difference - the way the iFrame URL is stored.

The HTML5 banner type is not required in the URL link as in the iFrame. All the target links are stored in the banner content and the click tracking is the same as for iFrame.


  • Possibility to integrate images and videos into a banner

  • No longer need to squeeze the whole information into a single image

  • More memorable ad

  • More information can be added

  • Font sizes can be increased to be more legible

How to set up HTML5 banner campaign

  1. Create a banner campaign (300x250, 300x100 etc.)

  2. In the “Ads” tab select Ad Type - HTML5

  3. Upload the banner in zip. archive

Archive requirements:

  • It must contain a non-empty index.html file

  • There should be no executable files

  • There should be no suspicious files like * .py, * .sh, * .rb, * .php and etc

  • Archive size should not exceed 4mb

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