With Total Budget feature you can manage your campaign spendings according to the total budget you want to spend on your entire campaign.

Total Budget feature is designed to control your overall campaign costs which may not exceed the set sum. The campaign will run until the budget is reached.

After reaching the Total Budget, the campaign will become Inactive.

For example, if your Daily Budget is $10 and your campaign Total Budget is $100, then your campaign will run 10 days.


  1. Go to your campaign

  2. Choose Pricing tab

  3. In the Total Budget field select ON

  4. Set the total budget you want to spend on your campaign

Be aware that Total Budget includes already spent amount and it cannot be less than the amount set it the Already Spent field. For example, if you have spent already $10 on your campaign and after this you set Total Budget of $30, you will spend only $20 more before your campaign becomes Inactive.

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