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What is a postback and how does it work?
What is a postback and how does it work?

Postback / S2S tracking

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Postback conversion tracking passes information between one platform to another. To get your conversion visible in TrafficStars statistics, you have to correctly set up postback transfer.

It works as follows:

  1. A user clicks on an affiliate's referral link.

  2. The tracker receives tracking information, including the unique click ID and passes its own click ID to the affiliate network. If conversion occurs, the target website notifies the affiliate network about the successful action.

  3. The affiliate network sends the tracker postback request with the relevant data to the tracker.

  4. The tracker receives the postback request from the affiliate network. It validates the data, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the click ID and other parameters.

  5. Once the postback is validated, the tracker triggers a postback to the traffic source (Ad network).

Setting up the transfer of conversions to TrafficStars you'll be able to optimize campaigns without a third-party tracker.

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