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How to set up tracking conversions?
How to set up tracking conversions?

S2S postback tracking guides

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Postback conversion tracking passes information between one platform to another. To get your conversion visible in TrafficStars statistics, you have to correctly set up postback transfer.

TrafficStarts integrated with the most popular trackers.

We have step-by-step guides for the following trackers:

If you don't see your tracker in the list, then follow the instructions below.

Set up custom S2S tracking

# STEP 1

First, you need to generate a unique Postback URL.

Log in to your TrafficStars account and open the tab Media Buying Tools

Here you can choose between Simple and Advanced modes.

Simple - this postback type will allow you to track conversions through click_id parameter. For CPA campaigns the conversion cost will be taken from the price field in campaign settings.

Advanced - this postback type will allow you to set up dynamic conversion tracking.

Check the right boxes, depending on what conversion parameters you want to pass.

Track earnings and ROI - report your revenue from conversion in the Value parameter.

Report conversion cost - report your cost for conversion in CPA campaigns in the Price parameter. This is a digital value.

Track post-conversion events - report multiple conversions for the same click id in the lead_code parameter.

Allow duplicates - all reporting duplicates conversions in the allow_duplicates parameter.

Choose one of integrated tracking services or create a custom one.

Name it and click Generate.

{click_id}, {value}, {price}, {lead_code} - these are tokens unique for each affiliate network or tacker.

Here is your S2S postback URL:{externalid}&value={payout}&allow_duplicates=1&key=h4qbuetYksJUCt2Pi4kZQFMfBi1g5vucqJeJ

Let's take a deeper look at what parameters it passes:

  • key=h4qbuetYksJUCt2Pi4kZQFMfBi1g5vucqJeJ - this is a unique key to identify the advertiser.

  • clickid - It’s the core parameter that passes conversion details.

  • value - This parameter reports your conversion revenue.

  • price - It reports the cost for conversion in CPA campaigns

  • lead_code - adding unique lead identifier allowsmultiple conversions for the same clickid

  • Allow_duplicates=1 - this parameter allows reporting all duplicate conversions

# STEP 2

Copy the URL you created above and insert it into the tracker or directly to CPA-network.

# STEP 3

Afterwards you need to copy promoted link (from the tracker or affiliate program) and add our tokens while creating a campaign.

Example of Tracking URL with tokens:

💡 Keep in mind that {click_id} token is a must in order to pass conversion information.

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