What is CPC?
Cost Per Click pricing model
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CPC stands for Cost Per Click, also called as Pay Per Click, is a pricing model when an advertiser is charged only for clicks on ads.

How to create CPC campaign?

  1. Start to create ad campaign as usual.

  2. Select ad format and targeting options.

    The following ad formats are available under CPC model:

  3. Select CPC pricing model and specify your bid. Bid is the price you're willing to pay for 1 click.

Once a campaign is approved and active, it goes through the test period.

💡 Please remember that setting a high bid and low daily budget in your CPC push campaigns will likely result in overspending, as rotators usually take a couple of minutes to update information and stop sending traffic according to your settings. High bid provides high volumes of traffic in such cases.

💡 Make sure your CPC rate is not too low, otherwise the campaign may not receive traffic.

During the test period your ad campaign will get traffic according to the effective CPM (eCPM) based on the targeting. When the test period ends, you get charged only for clicks.

Our auction is based on CPM. Here you can find our minimum CPM rates.

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