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Why was my campaign rejected?
Why was my campaign rejected?

Non-compliance with the rules

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You can find the rejection reason in your campaign settings or in e-mail inbox.

The most common reasons for rejection:

  • Broken image. Wrong format, size, or the image is not displayed on the platform.

  • Broken website. We can not open it according to the set target.

  • Creative or landing page have a fake virus alert.

  • Website contains virus or malware. It's strongly prohibited.

  • iFrame banner opens in the same window. It must opens in a NEW window.

  • Website contains inappropriate content, like drugs, illegal activities, violence, Incest, bestiality or underage persons.

  • There is an auto download content, automatically play audio on Popunder ads.

  • Website contains a code, that automatically initiates calls, messages or subscriptions.

  • Intellectual Property Infringement.

  • The ad creative does not match the content of the landing page.

  • Traffic redirection. Please send traffic directly to the offer.

Keep in mind that our compliance department constantly monitor the quality of advertising, so there is no point in trying to cheat. You risk being blocked without the right to a refund.

TrafficStars clients agree to the Terms and Conditions and accept legal liability for any advertising material used on our platform.

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