The following is not allowed and/or forbidden
Posted by Mattias Leardini on 31 May 2016 04:37 PM
  • The following is not allowed and/or forbidden
    • The use of automation (bots) designed to modify your bids
    • Any form of imitation of our network of Publisher Sites
    • Any banner or landing page elements that imitate parts of our network of 
    • Publisher Sites, including but not limited to:
      1. Colors
      2. Thumb sizes
      3. Template
      4. Layout
      5. Deceptive designs
      6. Website elements
    • Any visual representation of sexual activities:
      1. By any persons, real or imaginary, under the age of 18 years
      2. Any content that displays a person portrayed under the age of 18 years and is engaged, or portrayed as engaged, in explicit sexual activities
    • Any campaigns displaying persons/performers who are, or look, underage
    • Any banners or popups/popunders that automatically play audio
    • The following is not allowed and/or forbidden on Landing Pages:
    • Any distribution of malwares such as JavaScript exploits but not limited to it. Campaigns with malicious JavaScript will be terminated without refund 
      (Campaigns will be blocked, Advertisers banned and refund requests will be invalid)
    •  Any JavaScript code opening pop-ups on top of the active screen of the user:
      1. JS entry popups - not allowed on pop-up/pop-under ads
      2. JS exit popups - no more than 1
      3. JS exit popups - not allowed (not even 1) on pop-up/pop-under ads
      4. JS entry + exit popups - not allowed anywhere
    •  Any redirects to pages with the following domains:
      1. .accountant
      2. .bid
      3. .club
      4. .cricket
      5. .date
      6. .download
      7. .faith
      8. .loan
      9. .party
      10. .pw
      11. .racing
      12. .review
      13. .science
      14. .trade
      15. .uno
      16. .webcam
      17. .win
      18. .xyz
    • Any auto download products
    • Any sites that promote products that will enable users to download
    • Any automatic redirects to mobile marketplaces (App Store, Google Play, etc.)

    • The promotion of any tube sites, feeder sites, sites with free content
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